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Catholic Sculpture
The Mother of Fair Love
Sirach 24:9
Hand Carved Basswood
Gold Leaf
31 x 6 inches
High relief biblical narrative based on Sirach 24:9, Ecclesiasticus 24:14 in the Vulgate
After Luca della Robbia (1482) and Claus de Werve (1439)
In this image, the carving is complete and the gold leaf is nearing completion
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The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Repair and Refinish
Circa 1930
64 inches
Antique Daprato Studios cast
In this image, the old paint layers have been removed and the plaster sealed
The arm has been prepared for the new right hand which is being sculpted and cast
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The Dream of Saint Joseph
Matthew 2:13
Hand Carved Basswood
Milk Paint
45 x 4 inches
Low relief biblical narrative based on the Dream of Saint Joseph
This narrative is conceived from the second dream, Matthew 2:13
in which Joseph is warned to leave Bethlehem and take his wife and child to Egypt
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Immaculate Conception
Clean and Repair
Composit Plaster
Circa 1880
64 inches
Antique German statue by Mayer & Co. Munich
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Selected Studies